Hi, I'm Paige. New York City’s whimsical resident sophisticated slut. Über quirky and utterly vivacious, I am a minx, a disarming muse- I am “sex in the city”. Though wonderfully indefinable, I’m best described as that unique brand of woman even the most conservative of gentlemen can’t help but stare at coming from a few blocks away- and they continue to stare, even after paths have crossed.

Audacious and every bit the head turner, I was born with a predisposition for the “unconventional”. Part quixotic romantic, part brazen deviant- I’m an enigma, if there ever was one: sassy yet coy, edgy yet somehow still classic. However, beneath the confidence and flair- at heart, lies that quintessential cheeky nerd; the one you dreamed of doing unspeakable things to.

Intellectually, I possess a quick wit, and a lust for words (amongst other things).  Sexually, I’m an adventurous kinky romantic hybrid, with a slight submissive demeanor. Petite in stature with glorious curves, reminiscent of the powerful voluptuous pin-ups of the fifties. I view my body as a living canvas, ergo I have chosen to embellish it; beautiful images and sparkling jewels adorn my silky skin, making me anything but “the girl next door”.

In my early twenties, my life is lived with a sort of childlike moxie, free of social constraints and binding sexual inhibitions. More sinner than saint, I prefer to jump before I look- grab life by the balls (gently of course). I find solace in the unknown, and thrive in the ambiguous art of companionship. You will surely find me an unassuming, sultry free spirit with a heart of pure gold and a dazzling smile to match.

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